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Nord Cresta del Becco - quarta uscita recupero Alpinisteam

Uncertain weather throughout Piedmont. The nightmare of reliving the humidity of the first two days of the course invades Giada's mind. Fortunately, her fellow countrywoman Chicca is her shoulder and convinces her by saying: "ok that our guides Gioele and Chicco can't be trusted, but on Sunday there is also Diego, who is a geek. He must have modified at least two satellites and radars before making up his mind! "

And so we are all in Rochemolles, above Bardonecchia, at the dawn of 7!

Everyone ready?

No, Diego, the harness is not worn like this!

"Ramponiiii, piccozzeee, cocco bellooo!!"

La squadra del recupero Alpinisteam. Se questo è il recupero!

In a flash the backpacks are closed and we are in the beautiful basin of the Scarfiotti refuge, surrounded by the pointed Pierre Menou, the imposing Rognosa d'Etiache and the elegant ridge of the Bric di Mezzodì and the Rocher Cornus. Himalayan landscape?

Lying on a lawn we study our face; this is the North of the Cresta del Becco, a face that is unfairly not very frequented but which offers an infinite playground for all tastes.

Considering the temperatures, we choose to go up a couloir with a few rocks on the sides, in order to avoid rock falling. Furthermore, the chosen line is already filled with the remains of old avalanches, so it has a compact snowy bottom and more walkable, as well as safer.

The two teams take turns preparing the track. It is a terrain with a typical north face, such as that of Monviso or Tour Ronde. The progression is very physical, and we are often forced to find comfortable and safe places to make stops. In these moments we try to look around and understand where to direct our itinerary, what may be the greatest risks of one or the other.

After a final surge, a couple of passages on rock and here we are on the ridge!

The panorama opens up and here are the pearls of Valsusino ski mountaineering: Sommelier, Tete di Pierre Muret, Cima del Vallone, Almiane...

Giunti in cresta

The top is now reached.

The descent will take place through gentle meadows on the south face. In addition to the chamois legs battered by the bearded vulture, we also try to break our kneecaps by skiing with boots - or on our asses - the short but steep slopes that led to the beautiful flowery meadows of the huts at the bottom of the valley.

Piero uncorks his bottle in our honor and ... salute!

Thanks to Katia, Chicca, Giada, Piero e Diego from the mountain guides Andrea Chicco Carelli e Gioele Poddine!

Alpinisteam's latest release? NO!

By popular demand, we will soon start with the summer version: AlpinisTeam rocky ridges! Furthermore, we have put together a program of some summer outings, on rocks and glaciers, at high altitude and in the mid-mountain, which will be enriched in the coming days.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, e have a look in our Service webpage, updates soon!

A presto


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