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The professor

Fabio has a good mouth. Of the mountains, he loves everything. Doubtful rock, rots, climbing on vertical grass. But then he does not disdain the most beautiful rock. A doctorate in nanophysics from Grenoble led him to attend the Ecrins and the great French mountains. He loves rediscovering the classic and forgotten itineraries. A. A passionate mountain guide, but also a teacher in middle school: teaching and always continuing to learn is the thing that fascinates him the most.



The teacher

An expert ski instructor, he became a. mountain guide to complete the route and experience the mountains at 360 degrees, every day of the year. Originally from Val Varaita, he emigrated to Briançon with his family and his sweet little Heidi. Expert, careful, cautious skier. His generosity will leave you speechless. Inexhaustible. Duracell.



The sanitary

The group health worker is not at the far right. It is not a toilet, it is not a bidet. A. Mountain guide, nurse, instructor in the Alpine Rescue. Handsome, Bravo, Sympathetic, Humble. The passion for his work will infect you. His stupid and ridiculous dreams are far more numerous than his already numerous pairs of skis. He lives in Balme (Lanzo valleys).




His uncle made the history of mountain guides in the Monviso area and good blood does not ... Mind! Passionate about teaching, his experience is invaluable for the whole group. His greatest satisfaction is seeing his customers start flying on their own wings. When you tune into his channel, you will never want to stop listening to him. Patient and didactic.



The young man

Our spearhead, young, but so young that he took the qualification from a. Mountain Guide before communion. Multipurpose: Part-time student in geology, splits his time between his beloved personal moonboard and the highest peaks. Strong and enterprising, he knows how to accompany you in the most demanding challenges.

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