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Long routes cycle 2021

A series of three days in the environment that will lead you to escape from climbing at the crag and will lead you to walk the multi-pitch multi-pitch routes independently and in safety.

The program will be presented in detail during the presentation meeting of the cycle, which will take place on Wednesday 19 May at 9 pm by videoconference ( Jitsi platform ).

The three-day cycle will be held on Saturday (22, 29 May and 6 June) or Sunday (23, 30 May and 7 June) according to your availability.


-Wednesday May 19th, 9pm, webinar to attend the activities (access link ).

-End of the week 22-23 May, lesson at the crag: knots, stops and progression. Long way insurance. Basic climbing technique.

-End of the week 29-30 May, lesson in the environment in a long route: nodes, stops and progression. Return from the route and abseil.

-End of the week 6-7 June: long route complete with abseiling, managed independently by the participants (under the supervision of an Alpine Guide).


The days will take place under the supervision of several professionals with a close relationship between the mountain guide and the students. Materials needed: harness, helmet, shoes, chalk, plate and bucket, 5 snap hooks, 1 kevlar cord 3 meters and 1 kevlar cord 1.5 meters. Possibility to rent the necessary material on request (harnesses, carabiners, lanyards).

Professionals involved: Gioele Poddine (contact person), Stefano Pelissero, Denis Boudoin, Andrea Carelli, Fabio Agnese.

For information, see also the booking site by clicking here .

Contacts: Gioele 3404822496

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Un grazie particolare a Anna di per questa opportunità e al local Nicola Viotti.

Grazie ancora per avere condiviso questa avventura, alla prossima!


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